Invoices Management

Join now and gain more reactivity and visibility on your payments with all businesses of Groupe Auchan (1)

Visibilité des factures

  • Visibilité des factures

    Invoice visibility 

    Check your invoices "approved for payment" and their due date  by subsidiary and by country

  • Prochains paiements

    Future payments

    Adjust your decisions with a real time monitoring on all your future payments

  • Aide au lettrage

    Help for lettering

    Gain instant reactivity if you notice an discrepancy between your invoices issued  and your invoices  "approved for payment".

  • Règlement accéléré


    React instantaneously  according to your cash flow needs without administrative constraints.

  • Données accessibles

    Early settlement  

    Set off by yourself earlier payments of your invoices according to your needs.

  • Visiblité transverse au Groupe Auchan

    Transverse visibility across Groupe Auchan

    Supervise with full visibility on your exchanges with all subsidiaries of Groupe Auchan.

  • Optimisez votre trésorerie

    Optimize your cash flow

    Control your requests for prepayments according to your criteria: manual, automatic.

  • Données accessibles

    Data available

    Keep calm, consult your various invoices through a secure online service,updated and available 24/7.