ASAP Registration form (France)

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Dear Customer,

You want to take advantage of the "Asap" and we thank you.

Fill in this information sheet below and follow the instructions.

A - Details of the company

Without space between the numbers
Must be a legal document relating to the formation of the company
Files must be less than 20 MB.
Allowed file types: jpg pdf zip.

B - Bank details

Files must be less than 20 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf jpeg jpg.

C - User account


D - Service to activate

The unlimited asap pack gives you access to a set of service is: the visibility of validated invoices, bank transfer, using the lettering and the advance payment of your bills when you want.

The basic service of Asap allows you to access only your bills and payments by bank transfer.
Automatic financing can be turned off at any time, at supplier's wish. Automatic financing mode enables suppliers to benefit from automatically generated financing requests, sent right after the invoices approval to the asap platform, with no additional cost. You benefit from immediate receivables settlement, in accordance with the agreement with the bank, that is financing partner in asap program.

E - Entities to activate

Thanks to choose only the entities wich you work with.
Auchan France
Entité SNC OIA
Auchan Romania
Auchan Polska
Auchan Portugal
Entité Auchan Luxembourg
Entité Partisans du goût

F - Validation and signature

Validation and signature