Full control of time

Instant visibility of your invoices "approved for payment"

for all countries and all businesses of Groupe Auchan

The ability to request for prepayment of your invoices "approved for payment"

with financial independant partners of "asap".

Without "asap"

  • I manage separately each
    client of Groupe Auchan
  • I follow up my various
    interlocutors to know
    the status of my accounts
  • I deposit my checks and
    my bills of exchange
    in bank separately
  • I collect one by one the informations
    of  bank transfer issued
    by each clients 
  • I am paid only at due date
  • I require a factor or credit lines
    to cover my treasury needs
  • I am subjected to constraints of
     classical factoring.

With "asap"

  • I have an overview of
    all my clients of Groupe Auchan.
  • I can see my invoices
    "approved for payment"
    through a secure online service,
    updated and avalaible 24/7
  • I am paid by bank transfer
    (SEPA compliant) 
  • I have the payment details
    from all my clients.
  • I request for prepayments
    of my invoices
  • I am benefiting of  very good 
    financial conditions
    thanks to Groupe Auchan.
  • I use a prepayment
    program according
    my treasury needs
  • I keep my bank.